Project SINAG : The First Philippine Solar-Powered Car

The SINAG Project

a solar car projection model
SINAG is the Philippines’ first entry to the World Solar Challenge. It is a symbol of national pride and a solid proof of Filipinos’ capability to stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world in developing solar power as a viable and sustainable source of energy.

The design and construction of this car is being undertaken by a dedicated group of faculty and students from the Mechanical Engineering Department and the Electronic and Communications Engineering Department of De La Salle University-Manila, with the help and partnership of Ford Group Philippines, San Miguel Corporation, Motolite, Shell, Sunpower, Philippine Airlines, and Ventus.

The Philippine Solar Car Society, Inc.

The Philippine Solar Car Society, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization incorporated to promote the beneficial use of renewable energy sources –including, but not limited to, solar power. The Society aims to undertake a viable and continuing program for the study and application of renewable energy sources toward the development of a Philippine program for sustainable utilization of renewable energy.

List of Officers
  1. Chairman - VINCE PEREZ
  2. President - ED CHUA
  3. Vice President - HENRY CO
  4. Executive Director - BOBBY KANAPI
  5. Secretary - TAMMY LIPANA
  6. Treasurer - GREG REICHOW
SINAG Major Sponsors
  1. De La Salle University-Manila
  2. Ford Philippines
  3. Pilipinas Shell
  4. Philippine Airlines
  5. San Miguel Corporatation
  6. Sunpower
  7. Ventus
  8. Motolite
SINAG Secondary Sponsors
  1. Aurora
  2. Cabrera Lavadia And Associates
  3. JWT
  4. Creasia
  5. Merritt Partners
  6. Tuason Training School
  7. Gochermann Solar Technology
  8. Stratworks