Project SINAG : The First Philippine Solar-Powered Car

SINAG in Australia
World Solar Challenge 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

RP Solar Car Gets Approval to Race

Darwin, Australia - The Philippines' first solar powered car, "Sinag" has passed the "scrutineering" or qualifying test conducted by the 20th World Solar Challenge (WSC) Organizing Committee Friday morning. This will pave the way for the Philippines' official participation in the 3,000 km race from Darwin to Adelaide on October 21-28.

During scrutineering, the solar car underwent thorough mechanical and electrical checks. Most parts of the car were measured and weighed to make sure that it conforms to the competition's rules and regulations. The car's batteries were scrutinized, properly labelled and secured to prevent from tampering and unauthorized usage.

Weighing 295 kilos, Sinag became the day's star as WSC officials became amazed by the car's stability and safety compliance. The committee told members of Team Sinag that the car has "perfected the scrutineering." This means that Sinag has passed all the requirements, and there is no need for the car to undergo a second round of scrutineering. During the past two days, some entries from other countries have been advised to come back until it complies with the requirements set by the race committee.

"The Philippines' entry really did great today!," said Jacqui Williams of the WSC Committee.

"This is indeed a sigh of relief after three straight days of being sleepless in Darwin," said Overall Team Leader Rene Fernandez.

"We're a step closer to the race! This is a big success for the Philippine Team as we proved to the world that have the capacity and knowledge in developing renewable sources of energy such as solar power," said Prince Ang, logistic head of the team.

The jubilant Team Sinag of the Philippines "perfects" the 20th World Solar Challenge "scrutineering" process at the Foskey Pavilion in Darwin, Australia.

SINAG is the Philippines' first entry to the World Solar Challenge (WSC), an annual international competition to design and build a sun-powered car capable of traveling across Australia. SINAG rises to this challenge in the 20th WSC in October 21 through the combined efforts of De La Salle University, Ford Group Philippines, Motolite, Philippine Airlines, San Miguel Corporation, Shell, Sunpower, and Ventus.

SINAG is being developed and built by a dedicated group of faculty and students from the Mechanical Engineering and the Electronic and Communications Engineering Departments of De La Salle University-Manila. The project is also supported by Aurora, Cabrera Lavadia and Associates, J. Walter Thompson, Creasia, Merritt Partners, Tuason Training School, Gochermann Solar Technology, and Stratworks.

Source: Shell Pilipinas Balita, 19 October 2007