Project SINAG : The First Philippine Solar-Powered Car

SINAG in Australia
World Solar Challenge 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 2 of the WSC Race (challenger class)

Sinag has passed the second control stop at Dunmarra and has travelled at least 633 kilometers using the power of the sun.

10 cars have already been trailered to the control stop. Sinag is not one of them. As of today, Sinag is at the 29th place out of 37 cars (includes the trailered cars).

All racers are expected to reach Alice Springs by tomorrow. Alice Springs is two control stops away from the current position of Sinag. The team is expected to pass Tennant Creek and into Alice Springs.

Sinag has to travel approximately another 600 kms tomorrow to Alice Springs.

Information presented here were collected from the WCS website.

Dennis Beng Hui-DLSU Manila (Comm Team)